The idea of a unifying transcendent entity permanently accompanies us as a species. Inevitably, we try to attribute meanings and explanations to what we see, but also to what we do not see and do not know. And because all scientific knowledge is limited to a given time and space, we often take refuge in the imagination to construct identities, folklores and mythologies that can be both poetic and literally realistic or unrealistic. We still don’t know what unites us, nor why we are here. Maybe if we discovered it we wouldn’t be here anymore and so we’re only left with our imagination. And there is nothing more imaginary and powerful than sound, this invisible matter that constantly travels through us and over which we unite.

Clara Saleiro, flutes
Angélica Salvi, harp
Gustavo Costa, percussion and objects
Henrique Fernandes, objects
Tiago Ângelo, electronics
Production Sonoscopia
Photos by Rui Pinheiro