Microvolumes is a series of concerts in the field of improvised, experimental and electro-acoustic music that began in 2004, at the extinct Artes Múltiplas / Cão Danado space, in Porto. In 2011, Microvolumes took on a new format, at Sonoscopia´s workspace at that time. In this space, located at Stop Shopping Center (a space where numerous amateur and professional musicians from different musical fields converge), concerts were preceded by a dinner, thus providing a more spontaneous and welcoming atmosphere.
The third series of concerts began in 2013, following the move from Sonoscopia to the premises at Rua da Prelada, in Carvalhido. The concept of dinner and concert was maintained, but the physical conditions of the new space provide greater comfort, proximity and a deeper relationship of the audience with the musicians and with the surrounding space.
The fourth and current series of concerts maintains the same principle, in anew space with better conditions for performance and recording. In the new space there is a dedicated concert hall, three rooms for an exhibition area dedicated to sound art, a bar and a large garden, which also has a small stage for performances.
The elementary principle of Microvolumes is the dissemination of new forms of musical expression that are outside the commercial or institutional circuits. They favor emerging artists whose relationship with these spaces creates a fundamental artistic movement for the solidification of the cultural fabric. At the same time, they serve as a presentation space for the most renowned names in experimental music, but with a strong connection to the ethics of strengthening experimental music scenes that are related in various parts of the world.