Natura Mimesis

Gustavo Costa is a central figure in the experimental Portuguese scene, being active as a musician, composer and promoter for the past three decades in diverse musical configurations, and also renown as one of the leaders of Porto’s collective Sonoscopia. Following his first solo percussion record Entropies and Mimetic Patterns, released in 2020, on Natura Mimesis the original composition techniques, which are mostly based on musical transcriptions from natural phenomena, are now applied to a wider orquestral spectrum, with the inclusion of three guest musicians whose backgrounds range from contemporary music to free improvisation. Clara Saleiro, on flute, and João Dias on percussion have been regular collaborators in many different projects, and violin player Biliana Voutchkova is widely known for her involvement in the European experimental music scene.
Natura Mimesis was built around small motifs developed in recording sessions with these three guest musicians, and composed afterwards by Gustavo Costa in his studio, with slight arrangements from the original material, audio processing and an electronic counterpoint.
As in many of Costa’s compositions, Natura Mimesis is an introspective reflection of the world, where sound is the trigger to an abstract and individual interpretation.