Aesthesic Waves

Audiovisual installation where sound is imagined and confronted by the suggestion of movements of the vibration of elastic bodies, optical illusions and visual rhythms. Through the oscillation of materials such as strings and springs, different patterns emerge that are organized to form a fragmented graphic score, which slowly reveals to us some of the recurrent sound processes in the work developed by Sonoscopia.
Aesthetic Waves is a piece in constant reformulation, adapting to the different acoustic and visual properties of each space where it is presented. Given its interactive characteristics, its materialization is shaped by the personal interpretations of each visitor, in a symbiotic process of collective creation.

Production by Sonoscopia

Conception and creation by Gustavo Costa and Henrique Fernandes

Curated by José Alberto Gomes for Escola das Artes da Universidade Católica do Porto

Video editing by Augusto Lado

Photography by Rita Queiroz