Marta Zapparoli
Marta Zapparoli is an Italian sound artist based in Berlin. In the recent years her work mainly involves the intersection of the visible and the invisible aspects of physics and its connection with sound. Marta Zapparoli residency in Sonoscopia was during May and June of 2023, as part of the Municipal program - InResidence, and focused on building an loop antenna to use for recordings and performances, a series of out door self made recordings around in Porto, on the coast and mountain, of electromagnetic radiations (Natural Radio Phenomena, VLF) coming from lighting in the sky, weather phenomena and on finishing a new four channel composition - Synchrotron. Marta also performed four live concerts with two different collaborations: in trio with Gustavo Costa and Henrique Fernandes from Sonoscopia at Serralves em Festa and also in trio with INTER_SECTION 5 - Interferences with Sabine Ercklentz  and Claudia Schmitz from Berlin, at Sonoscopia and at CAAA Centro para os Assuntos da Arte (Guimarães).
w/ Sabine Ercklentz & Claudia Schmitz at Sonoscopia
w/Gustavo Costa & Henrique Fernandes at Casa de Serralves.