Ignaz Schick
Ignaz Schick is a musician of extreme importance for the internacional experimental music scene. He collaborated with innumerous musicians and played live all over the world. He released music in labels such as, Zarek, Edition Zangi, Edition x, Irrah, Potlatch, Bad Alchemy, Charhizma, Staalplaat, Nexsound, Non Visual Objects, Improvised Music From Japan and Absinth. Ignaz Schick  residency at Sonoscopia happened thought the months of May and June 2023, as part of the Municipal program - InResidence. In the first month he directed Grupo Operário do Ruído, an open group of collaborative music creation created by Sonoscopia, part of the programe for Cultura em Expansão. During this period he also did a series of studio recordings with members from Sonoscopia, released on tape in 2023, and with Favela Discos, a Porto based collective and label. At the 21st of June Ignaz did two concerts at Sonoscopia, the first  was a solo performance and the second with a quartet formed after and with participants from Grupo Operário do Ruído, João Costa, João Henriques and Vicente Mateus, POTT4 ( Porto Turntable Quartet). Ignaz's stay in Sonoscopia was marked by an intense and positive exchange of ideas and memories.
w/ Grupo Operário do Ruído at Sonoscopia garden.
POTT4 - Ignaz Schick,João Costa, João Henriques and Vicente Mateus
Studio recordings w/ Sonoscopia
Studio recordings w/Sonoscopia