An object. Inside, in an unfolding labyrinth of games, experiences and gadgets, we are taken to a universe where sound is also visible and palpable. We can also smell it and even eat it, but even better is becoming sound. In this object, which has many other objects inside, we find clues that were left by the explorers of this universe – the Sononauts. These beings, linked together by sound waves, make sharing an elementary practice for relating, learning and feeling. Together, we set out on a one-way trip towards infinity.

Sononauts is a community creation for children who live in the future and adults who vehemently refuse to grow up. It is conceived through the ears of Sonoscopia, which listens attentively to the interventions of a group of Sononauts. Together, an object is built that is as much like a closet as a spaceship, and which can be transported to different spaces. Afterwards, several adventures emerge – never-before-heard sounds, sound-scientific experiments, pirate radio signals or puzzle scores.

Sononauts have infinite lives and the power of transformation. They are musicians, instrument builders or scientists, and can be seen at concerts, piloting cabinet ships or recruiting militants for the various causes of sound.