INsono, plant´s secret ear

What do plants hear? In their calm and silence, the plants patiently listen to the surrounding sounds. In the cities, the halo of sound is rich and abundant in human-made sounds. But there are still the natural sounds, of the leaves of the trees, of the birds, of the rain and of the wind, that timidly persist in time. And it is in urban gardens that we often realize the beauty of sounds, it is here that we learn to stop and listen, just as plants do, and to understand our place in the world.

INsono: The secret ear of plants is a sound installation and a sound walk where you discover the natural spaces, the surrounding sounds and the sounds that silence is made of.

Conception: Henrique Fernandes, Gustavo Costa and Ricardo Jacinto
Project management: Gustavo Costa
Construction: Alberto Lopes, Henrique Fernandes, Gustavo Costa and Ricardo Jacinto
Executive production: Patrícia Caveiro
Production: Sonoscopia
Illustration: Marta Madureira