Disposophonia*, [comma] … [suspension points]
The informal construction of an autonomous and experimental device about sound and music

*Differently from disposophobia, disposophonia is a neologism referring to civilizational well-being and the concept, now announced by Sonoscopia, apt to define the compulsive and urgent human act of gleaning and collecting sound futilities, from the most innocuous to the most turbulent or thoughtless.
Disposophonia is therefore a group of haptic effects capable of promoting an ecology of sound knowledge and sound craft.
Those effects are caused by the simple idea according to which the world no longer revolves around the inventors of new sounds or noises but, on the contrary and due to mental exhaustion, it is now much more elegantly interested in the invention of other sound ideas, of other thoughts.
We should mention that, although such condition of living disposophonically is more prevalent in mature adults of both sexes, from all continents, some of the factors associated to it have common features, such as nomadism, miscegenation, obsessive-sonorous disorder and an explicit aversion to sound-merchandise.
Conscious of disposophonia’s possible consequences, Sonoscopia proposes a permanent sound invention, whether in the form of installations, performances or archive. They even accept guided visits to their installations, therefore contributing in a free form, or co-creative, regime to the collective act of disposophoning.