Sculpted in the mountains by the force of water, Castelo Novo is a symbol of life and a synonym for human endurance and perseverance. From its innumerable fountains and springs, several paths are traced, shaped by a distant past and the desire for a promising future. The water, omnipresent in its sound and freshness in all corners of the granite beauty that was built between the bed of the hills, flows down its slopes, irrigating the fields and bodies and purifying the souls of its inhabitants. And it is in their deviations, caused by natural conditions or interferences that are humanly and communally introduced in their path, that we find the charm and poetry of Castelo Novo.
In this mapping of deviations, we go through an imaginary story of Castelo Novo, told from the sound of the water. Due to its abstract and tangible way of communicating, we set out in search of our scale and place, celebrating this gift offered by the mountain and that accompanies us during work, leisure and spirituality.

Soundwalk through the historic village of Castelo Novo developed by Sonoscopia for the Festival 12 em Rede, 24th October 2020.

Conception: Gustavo Costa and Henrique Fernandes
Audio recording and assistance: Vicente Mateus
Video: Augusto Lado