Automatic music generator

Transarkiv is a project of dynamic documentation, where several types of creative artifacts are stored, either as finalized works or as unfinished process phases, theoretical or practical links. Transarkiv transforms itself through several algorithmic composition methods applied to the archive, generating new artistic contents. This project solidifies other previous work developed at Sonoscopia, namely the Phonambient platform (

Conception: Rui Dias e Gustavo Costa
Programming: Rui Dias e Tiago Ângelo


The application can run on auto mode, with the functions Autoplay and Automove. In this function, each file will run freely on the X axis (panoramic) and on the Y axis (volume).
Transarkiv also works on manual mode. Autoplay and Automove should be switched off, and sounds can be added just by clicking the plus icon on each of the sound categories on the sidebar. Each sound can then be moved through the X and Y axis manually.
A filter can be applied by clicking on the filter button on each of the sound files.
All the performances can be recorded and archived with the Record button.
This application is still under development.

Transarkiv uses a set of algorithms that recombine stochastically the sound archive Sonoscopia has been developing. Sound are organized on the following categories:
– Field Recordings (field recordings available on the platform Phonambient)
– Ambient (drones, sound masses and general ambience sounds)
– Textural (details and ornamentation)
– Rhythmic (detailed rhythmical patterns and textures)
– Melodic (detailed melodic patterns and textures)
– Performance (excerpts from finished or unfinished performances)